Limited Edition Titleist Golf Bag Sweeps!!!!

Has the draw been done? emails been sent? I didn't get one yet . . .

Well as we wait with anticipation for the one email we want more than any other, while I do hope I am one of the lucky ones, I hope that some of us who are active within TT are lucky enough to be one the winners.

And the winners are.......…?????

I'm also interested. I haven't seen my email giving me the good news yet.


Mitch, did you forget to email me?

Also very interested to find out.

Good Afternoon All!

Thank you for participating in the Sweeps.  All of the winners have been contacted via email.  We haven't posted them publicly yet as we always wait for every winner to confirm prior to doing so.  However, unfortunately, if you have not received an email you are not a winner.

Thank you to all those who participated.

If you didn't win, don't worry, there will be more chances to win Team Titleist gear in the near future.

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

:(. The holy Team Titleist grail eluded me. Congrats to the winners, I hope at least it's some of the active TT'ers. Jealous..........

Well I can assume I didn't win this time around lol. Thanks for the great sweeps Titleist. I'm gonna have to agree with Alex that I hope it goes to active members.  Congrats to the winners and Happy Golfing.

Cheers Shawn

No email for me either.    Maybe next time!!!   I too hope it goes to active members and not those that just sign up for contests

I want to thank everyone at Titleist for picking me as one of the winners of the Limited edition Golf bag and Logo ball give away You guys and Gals are awesome I want to say its an honour being a Team Titleist member and once again Thank You Very Much!!!!! I will carry her with pride!


Go Team Titleist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Congrats Dave, way to go. Enjoy the bag and nice to see that one of us on here won.

Is there any way we can purchase this bag?  even though I didn't win would still love to get my hands on one?



I have the exact same bag minus the Team Titleist patch. Mitch is there anyway to get the patch put on mine??

Thanks Shawn

WOW what a nice bag!!!!!!!

This bag is sweet the top is over-sized and so I now don't have to ram my clubs into the bag as it has lots of room for the clubs so they sit nice and are not crowded in the bag making it easy to see which club I want next and the water proof pocket is a nice touch to keep valuables safe and dry . All in all a very very nice light weight well designed stand bag and the Team Titleist logo is a bonus I feel like a real pro till I tee off anyways ;(


I will take some pictures and upload them as soon as I get my camera fixed or replaced I had it in my old golf bag last week the one without the waterproof pocket on a rainy day hence the broken camera.


The logo balls came yesterday I can't wait to get out and start losing them this weekend

Thanks from a very happy Titleist fan and Thanks Mitch for the Titleist bumper sticker Awesome


Titleist bumper sticker?  Seriously?  Where can I get one?

Hi Stephen,
The Bumper Sticker is a "I'd Rather Be Driving a Titleist" bumper sticker.  We don't have Team Titleist logo'd bumper stickers at this time.
Please let me know if you would like us to send you one and while doing so ensure that your Team Titleist Profile info (address) is up-to-date and accurate. ; )

Mitch D