Golf course openings?

Here in Winnipeg we at the very least 2 weeks away. But for those interested in taking a little drive, there are courses opening in the Fargo/Moorhead are about 3 hours south. Meadows in Moorhead is expecting to open Tuesday and Rose Creek is aiming for the 12th. 

Darius V

Hey Mitch...

Given the amount of snow up here, I may have to head down to the Hamilton or Niagara area to find a course I can play in April. I haven't played that many courses down that way so I will update the blog with a picture of my TT Bag Tag when I do.

One course I am seriously thinking of going out to play this summer is Cobble Beach. My wife likes the idea of going to the spa while I go golfing and this place sounds nice.

Darius'll love Cobble Beach. A great test. Hubby and I play it at least once every year. We are scheduled to play a tournament there on April 27th....hopefully it is open by then! They also have the complimentary Birthday round so be sure to take advantage of that!

In the Montreal area, it looks like Apr 26-27 weekend unless some drastically warm and dry weather comes our way.

Our range opens today at 11:00 am Spring is around the corner. Stephen

A few driving ranges opened yesterday, and a couple of courses opened in the Oakville area, however most have delayed opening due to tree damage caused by the ice storm at Christmas time.

In Calgary still waiting,The Canal at Delacour was to open this am but  3 inches of snow yesterday caused a delay.Hoping for Monday

Lots of tracks opened around the GTA this weekend. Happy Easter

The driving range at the Barrie Airport is now open. Will be out today to swing the sticks :)

Another week and a half and my home course will be opening - Yah !!!


Mens opening May 3rd at Rideau View in Nepean Ontario. Cant frikken wait

Got the news today - My home course (Vespra Hills) will have the range open this weekend and opening day will be Thursday May 1. I have only missed a single opening day since the course opened in 2003 and that was because I was golfing in Scotland at the time. Looking forward to it.

Time to swing my AP1's :)


Played 5 rounds already. 4 out of 5 were great solid rounds. Hope everyone has a great season and hopefully see a bunch of you at the TT event for testing new woods this year (fingers crossed) 

clublink courses are shaping up and The National Golf Club of Canada is already looking in amazing tip top condition 

have a great season and play well 


Wow - 5 rounds already Mike ?  That is awesome... 

Only three more sleeps before my course opens :)

Rain, sun, or snow - I will be there for our opening day !


I would imagine that by now all the courses south of Parry Sound have opened up for play.

My course in (Vespra Hills) Barrie opened up yesterday and the weather - although cool for the beginning of May - was dry enough for me to go out and play all 27 holes.

My Titleist D2 Driver performed well allowing me to hit all but 5 fairways,  and the ones I missed were not by that much. My AP1's were also thrilled to get back out onto the course here in Ontario. Each one was jumping at the chance to get out of the bag and prove itself worthy of being in the bag :)

It is so nice to be back on the links again.

Here's to a great 2014 season !  I wish all my fellow TT members a great 2104.

May your balls fly straight and your putts catch the inside of the cup !