New Team Titleist Gear

A TT belt buckle would be great. I love Scotty's belt buckle offered through the club cameron membership this year.

That would be a great idea. I would be all over these belt buckles. Here's to hoping that this may be an idea for the future. Looking forward to an exciting season ahead.

Cheers Shawn

Ya a belt buckle would be great . I do where a belt now but nothing fancy. hopefully this idea will come out in the near future.


Steve H.


Thanks Mitch keep in mind us frozen canadians are hard at work on the heated driving ranges like the RCGA in Calgary. When i start working on my game  Feb 1st after 10 in the morning it is hard to find a spot and you can wait for 1/2 hour to get a mat when the Temp is -10 or better


At team titleist belt buckle would be amazing... would buy one right on the spot!  Hope this becomes a reality!!