A Cameron Masterpiece

Sometimes a picture really does say all that needs to be said. Here's a shot of Titleist Ambassador Tano Goya's Tour Black Studio Select Newport - enough said!!! Enjoy!!!

Titleist Ambassador Tano Goya plays this stunning Scotty Cameron Newport with custom blue and white paintfil for his native Argentina

It's almost unbelievable that the Titleist Team can be so far from their home in England and yet find the weather so familiar. When you think of Bahrain you would quite rightly think of scorching Middle Eastern sunshine but the weather in the Kingdom today is more akin to what the Team are used to back home. Not only has today been cold but it has also been wet meaning the Team and the players alike have been breaking out their rainwear.

However, it takes more than a little bit of a chill and some precipitation to stop the players from practicing and there was no shortage of activity. One player to touch base with the Titleist Team for some Trackman work was Titleist Ambassador Scott Strange. Scott has been catching a lot of shots low off the face of his driver in recent weeks which tends to give him a shorter, more spinny flight. The beauty of the 910 product is that we are able to make relatively minor tweaks to the set-up of the club which can then be reversed if necessary. With Scott it was more about finding the set-up which he felt more comfortable with and, as it turned out, the only alteration required to his 910 driver was to flatten the lie a fraction. The end result was a more consistent, central strike, a drop in spin to around 2500rpm and most notably a distance gain of up to 12 yards on his original set-up. This just goes to show that even the smallest adjustment can have a major difference at this level of the game.

Titleist Ambassador Scott Strange preparing to launch one down range in Bahrain

An increasingly rare sight

Titleist Ambassador Andrew Dodt was one of the first players to hit the range in Bahrain this week and the Australian Titleist Ambassador does so with an increasingly rare beast in his Titleist bag - a #2 iron. Andrew plays a full set of Titleist CB irons which includes the matching #2 iron and the 2010 Avantha Masters Champion names it as one of the favourite clubs in his bag.

Of course, we wouldn't recommend the #2 iron to everyone but, as the picture gallery shows, Andrew is blessed with superb technique and is a beautiful striker of the ball. The #2 iron is Andrew's go-to club when he has to hit the fairway and after following him for a few holes during practice in Bahrain we can see why; he simply pured one down the 11th fairway in to leave himself a smooth #9 iron approach.

The Titleist CB #2 iron is available as a custom only option in European markets.

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Pablo's equipment returns!!

Last week in Abu Dhabi we told you about Titleist Ambassador Pablo Larrazabal having lost his golf bag on route to the event. Well, the flamboyant Spaniard didn't let that stop him and went out with a brand new bag of equipment, including a putter borrowed from Titleist Tour Technician Mattias Jelver, and finished in a tie for 11th at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship. Pablo follows very much in the footsteps of Spanish legend Seve Ballesteros when it comes to his approach to the game and it was no surprise to see him unphased by the loss of his equipment and performing well at last week's event.

The good news is that the lost bag did eventually turn up and, although his caddie was probably delighted at carrying a Lightweight Stand Bag for the week, Pablo is happy to have his S82 Staff Bag back with him. Having said that however, Pablo was simply buzzing after playing so well with his borrowed equipment that for the most part he has decided to stick with it. The one exception to this is the putter where Pablo has returned to his trusty Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Timless GSS. The putter is an absolute classic from the Cameron Studio and when Pablo heats up with it on the greens he has the potential to make just about anything. He's certainly buzzing after a solid start to his 2011 season and, with a mixture of old and new in the bag, he'll take to the course in Bahrain full of confidence.

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Hybrid for Hoey

The Abu Dhabi Golf Championship may only just have drawn to a close but the players are already preparing in ernest for the next event - The Volvo Golf Champions event in Bahrain. The Titleist Team have already made the journey up the Persian Gulf to the island kingdom of Bahrain and arrived just in time to meet up with Titleist Ambassador Michael Hoey who was one of the first to hit the range.

Michael is one of the many European Tour players to have switched over to the new Titleist 910 metals and is already playing the 910D3 driver and 910F fairway. He has been delighted with the performance of the new metals and checked in with the Team in Bahrain to work on a hybrid to compliment his setup. With his current yardage gap between #3 wood and his longest iron Michael was looking for a hybrid that would go 225-230yards and, following a Trackman session on the range in Bahrain, the Team were able to find a 910 Hybrid that gave him the ideal distance coupled with the flight and control he was looking for.

Michael's weapon of choice is the tour-only 910HT hybrid with 20° of loft fitted with the Fujikura Speeder 904HB X-Stiff shaft. His SureFit Tour hosel setting was kept neutral with Michael preferring the standard A1 setting.