Feedback on the Prototype Titleist Golf Balls

Hi Guys

First of all  thanks for sending me the sleeve of Test Golf balls

Conditions are trying at the moment, so no doubt this is a factor in terms of spin and distance

Overall the feel of the Test Ball was in my opinion better that my current Pro-V1 (2012 version)

Driver , Irons & Wedges: The Test Ball felt more solid

Putter: The feel was pure and roll was beautiful

The surface of the Test Ball is more durable, I have played many rounds with one ball and no blemishes

In comparison to my Pro-V1 (2012) the Test Ball is definitely giving better spin and distance results through the bag

In fact the Test Ball played so well I won our Club Competition last weekend :)

If you need more in-depth feedback please contact me, thanks again I enjoyed the testing

Best regards Johnny