oban shafts

Hi there,

Am due to go and get fitted for a driver at the fitting centre at kings acre in scotland and have recently tried an Oban kiyoshi black shaft in my friends 913 D3 driver and was wondering if the fitting centre has these shafts in there stock to try.


Hi Nikolas,

The Kiyoshi Black isn't at the Fitting Centres, but would perform very similarly to ProForce V2 96 or the Motore Speeder 7.1 / 7.2

Hope this helps.

Hi Neilj,

Thanks for the quick reply,will have a chat with Graeme at the fitting centre regarding these shafts see what suits best.


I think that's the best thing Nikolas - Graeme's a great fitter and best to go with an open mind!

Enjoy the fitting!

Best regards

He certainly is that just got fitted two weeks ago for a set of CB's iron with KBS c-taper X stiff shafts,what a difference in ball flight,lower and longer by a good 10 to 15 Yards,best shafts i have had by a mile,unfortunately due to the lovely scottish weather we had to stop because the snow was getting rather bad and rather deep, so i have to go back and get fitted for the 913 D3 before the seasons start.