Titleist Pom Pom head covers

Hi, I've just seen the new catalogue for 2013 and it states that we have to wait until April for the headcovers to be on sale here !

yet they're on sale in the US, why do we have to wait that long ?

just recieved my titleist staff and duffel bag today, they're sweet ;)

just need the weather !

Regards Gary

Hi Gary,

This was simply a supply consideration. The decision to add the headcovers to the accessories line in Europe was taken later than it was in the US - hence there is a lag in the availability time.

Thanks for sharing the picture - definitely looks like a sweet set up!

Best regards

I ordered mine last week, ASAP once I had seen them online. I had spoken with with a Titleist worker who said that they had no plans for European release. Hence I started to overseas, so glad Titleist decided on the change!!!

Thank you Titleist and I can't wait to get my hands on them!!

I h\ave just received by pom pom Headcovers from the US. I had a friend purchase them and ship them to me in the UK.

They look fantastic on the Driver and Hybrid. I choose not to have all three, to offer a little protection between the clubs.

Thank you Titleist for an excellent quality product.

Sorry, I meant 3 wood not hybrid

Can you tell me how I order these in the UK and what is the exact release date?

Hi Darryl,

We are receiving the first delivery next week (the majority of which will fulfil existing orders) and another is scheduled for May. These can be ordered via your pro / authorised Titleist retailer.


Are there any updates on the availability, did these orders come in and go out?

Hi Tom, we should have stock of the driver headcover by the end of this week. There will also be a delivery of the fairway cover but this has already sold out so there will not be any free stock until July.

Hi David, I ordered a driver and fairway headcover through my local stockist at the start of April and was told last week they were still on back order.  From your post above does this mean the fairway covers have already all gone or the new stock is already taken by back orders like mine?  Thanks

My local stockist has been quoting "This Product is due for release into the UK June 2013" for a while now. Seems like it's just the driver available to pre-order at the moment.

Hi team Titleist Until last week I was more than happy with my bag which was looking superb with 910 driver and fairway then 710 cb irons But, I managed to leave the 910 f HEADCOVER on the course and now have a naked fairway wood, Surprised no one handed it in, but possibly shows how cool it is that someone would think it looks better that theirs. Is there any way I can get hold of a 910f cover for my 3 wood Happy to pay postage if you have an at titleist uk hq Thanks Paul

Hi Tom,

I can check this for you. Can you let me know who you ordered through and I will check the progress?


Hi David
I have not ordered one yet I am afraid.
Wanted to make contact with you / acushnet before I tried to get one.
Not sure I can buy a 910f from my pro anymore as he didnt know.
Hate not having my bag look nice! :-(

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David LM replied to Re: Titleist Pom Pom head covers in General.

Hi Tom,

I can check this for you. Can you let me know who you ordered through and I will check the progress?


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Hi David

It was Leaderboard Golf in Reading



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