Titleist Bag Tag

Hi Neil. Its is my birthday today and I would e wondering as i highlighted this conversation and brought it up, could you tell me if there is a bag tag going to be sent out to me or could you send one out. There are many people who have received one already and I would just like to make sure if it would be possible for me to get one as I have my profile up to date for a long time now. I'm loving my new 913F and 913H and my bag would really be set off with one of these bag tags. Thanks Vincent Cooley

No-one's missed any boats Richard. Details will now go up early next week as there are some back-end details to complete before we make the first batch available.

Stay tuned!

Firstly, a very happy birthday! I would have sent you one Vincent, but I had nowhere to send it!

That's why it's important that members keep their profile up to date. Let me know when you have completed your profile and I will gladly send.


Hi Neil

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I have updated my profile ( does this include address 1 and what is address two? ) 

Could you get back if possible if you are able to send me one or if I need to do anything else. Thanks 

Vincent Cooley. Titleist #1 Brand On Tour


i have been waiting so long to here this news that team titleist bag tags will becoming available for European members too. Having just revamped my entire bag make up to 913 and ap1 and with my birthday just around the corner receiving one of these would make my bag compete ( as well as making other jealous ). Playing the PGA course at gleneagles for my birthday treat to myself, looking forward to test my self on the course which shall be used for next years Ryder cup. Will post how successful I have been upon my return. Carry on the good work and look forward to hearing from you

fairways and greens


Hi Neil

Would love a bag tag if you could send me one please?


HI Neil, gutted to see everyone getting bag tags, any chance of sending one my way

Hi team Titleist.  I am interested in a midsize staff bag TB3SF4-0. Could you inform me iif it wIll become available in Europe? Thanks in avance for your reply. Kind regards, Peter 

hello neil when and how do you get your hands on one off this team titleist bag tags would love one to go on my new 2013 stand bag

Ive just joined team titleist after having an excellent fiiting and heard about these bag tags, what are the details regarding recieving one? cheers

Neil and the team

                                   Many thanks for the BAG TAG all the way out to Bulgaria,

  will send picture, when i get sorted sorry not on my new titleist bag wife did not comply with birthday request

still hope ???????? 


Not everyone is getting one Andrew - just sent out around ten to those that had previously expressed an interest and posted. Details of how the first batch will be distributed will go up on the blog this week.


Hi Peter,

There are currently no plans to introduce this product into Europe - we will be continuing with the 10.5" and 9.5" staff bag options.


I had expressed interest of a bag tag around january but realised that was on the american website. 
I had also received the prototype balls and completed the survey online which I was very grateful for. All my details are up to date and would like to be able to show off a bag tag to complete my Titleist golf set.

Hi neil would love one of the bag tag to go on my stadry bag n go with the rest of my titleist stuff can u please tell me how to get one of them 

thanks Alan