Team Titleist Bag Tags

Thanks very much for my tag, arrived today, and I can tell I will be the envy of Atherstone GC. 

Done :)

Hi David,

Its a must have , along with the new AP2 's

Any chance of still getting one if these to go with my new AP2 714's?

Hello just wondering if I could purchase a titleist bag tag for my bag thank you...


Please ensure you have fully completed your TT profile. We will be sending out some more Bag Tags to those who have completed their profile recently. Thanks.

Hi David Just wondering if I could qualify for a bag tag. Love titleist been a TT member for a while now with full profile and was hoping for one but it never came... 712 CB irons, vokey wedges, scotty putter, 910 driver 913fd, 910f and 910 hybrid and of course a titleist bag! The bag tag would complete the combo. Thanks Johnny

Hi David

Just joined Team Titleist and just Completed my TT profile. Would be awesome to see a Titleist Bag Tag!

Hopefully there are some left!

Hi Johnny! Thanks for your note. I will send a Bag Tag out to you today! Thanks. David

Hi Michael. Firstly....welcome to Team Titleist! We still do have some bag tags left, I will send one your way. Thanks! David

Brilliant! Thank you very much David, much appreciated. This is the type of customer service that keeps brand loyalty! And of course the excellent products!

First post here, would love to se one of these tags on my bag.

Hi David, I have been a member if TT for a couple of years, just picked up my 714 ap2's today.

Would look great with a TT bag tag, profile up to date if you have any left?



Thanks a lot David!

They do look really good and will go nice on my Titleist Cart Bag!


Hi David,

Hope I haven't posted this twice but I never received a bag tag. Any chance of getting one of the little beauties to adorn my bag?