Want advise on your golf fitness...let me know.

Hi Nate,

I'm a little jealous that you are a 7 handicap..congrats on that. You have plenty of time to gain some weight. I was very thin as I was growing up and now I'm 225 lbs w/ 10% body fat. I used to eat something every 3 hours and I also would use a protein shake to try and get some extra calories.

The glute (butt) muscles are considered among the most important to get strong. The power from a golf swing starts from the ground up. Squats and lunges are two of the best.



HI Don,

TPI is Titleist Performance Institute certified instructor's. TPI instructors have been trained to provide an assessment looking at your physical make up and how that is affecting your swing. They will also provide you with a 6 week exercise program. Go to www.mytpi.com and search for an instructor close to you. I will be able to have you do a home assessment by yourself and then I can provide you with a specific program. info@mygolfconditioning.com






On my take away, I have problems getting the club back fully.  I used to be a tennis pro and my right shoulder is very tight.  What are some flexibility drills can I do?



Hi Ronnie,

If you do a search on www.mytpi.com search open book w/bent arm and internal and external rotator cuff exercises. These should help you. A common swing fault with tight or injuried rotator cuff is coming out of your posture in your back swing because your right rotator cuff is too tight to externally rotate at the top of your backswing.

Hope this helps!


Dave Maloney


I now have a number of free golf fitness video's on my web site. These exercises are not a substitute to seeing your health care provider.You can also take a mental profile test.




@Dave - I had a problem with a swing shutdown that would pop up after 45 min - 1 hour of practice or maybe after 16 holes of golf.  Doesn't occur that much now if at all.   I would be going along hitting nice straight shots and putting pitch and chip shots very close.  Then all of a sudden I would start severely pulling the ball and if I tried to hit on target, the result would be a shank.  I basically attributed it to the right foot getting stuck and an inability to clear the hips.  The worst case is not being able to even chip it.  Before the only way was to stop practicing or walk in.  Then I would go in the morning and the problem disappeared.  Nowadays if the problem surfaces, I can check my stance and balance and recover from it.

It was like my lower body was shutting down and the right arm was taking over.

Part of the problem is that I had improperly fit clubs (I had been using off the shelf clubs between 1972-2003).  Another thing that helped was going to a more compact backswing.

Lately the issue had been going to the driving range and hitting balls for awhile and apparently doing OK.  When I would go to the neighborhood park the following day and start out with an inability to hit a good shot (often would hit fat) and it would take about 20 minutes before I would hit consistently.  If I go to the park or the practice greens a couple days after going to the range I'll go out and hit a perfect shot cold.  Also another thing that would throw me off is hitting off the launch monitor mats and then attempting to play golf a couple hours later (I did this on the way to the course about a couple months ago).

I find my best results for playing golf is to stay away from the driving range at least 2 days before a round.  What I do for a warmup is take a lob wedge and do some chip/pitch shots and then a couple full swings on the way to the course.  I play around a 12 handicap normally.

The other thing that sometimes happens near the end of a round is I start hitting high fades with the driver and fairway woods. 

What in the muscles would cause the right foot to get stuck or loss of balance?