Driver and other clubs need more weight?

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Daniel P

I am a 3 handicap and score in the 70s consistently however recently I can't seem to hit a decent drive. Maybe it's due to working out but my driver feels a lot lighter and it's really unstable throughout the swing (moves around too easily). I have a swing speed of about 124.

I play a Titleist 910 D3 9.5 w/ Project X 7c3 Stiff

My other clubs Titleist 910 F 3&5 Wood w/ Project X 8c4 Stiff which are significantly heavier (No problems with these)

Irons Titleist 712 AP2 w/ DG S300 Shafts (Could be a little heavier for my preference but very little problems with these)

My swing seems fine but the clubs move too easily in my hands and I don't think that's supposed to happen. I hit violent hooks, heel fades, etc.. Even if I do manage to hit the driver straight, I miss the sweetspot and it only goes 250-260 yards MAX compared to my club distances:

3 Wood 260-280

5 Wood 240-260

3 Iron 210-225

4 Iron 200-210

5 Iron 190-200

6 Iron 180-190

7 Iron 170-180

8 Iron 160-165

9 Iron 150-155

P Wedge 130-145

50* Wedge 115-130

56* Wedge 80-110

I used to hit it fine 280+ carry and 10+ rollout. Now it goes left and right and even when I manage to hit it straight I get no distance due to poor contact (and I'm not swinging out of my shoes)....would a heavier shaft/weights be worth a try?

Or maybe X-Stiff shaft?

Opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Daniel P

I think they are just the weight difference. 8c4 is 84g and 7c3 is 73g. All lengths are standard, 45" on driver, 43" on 3 wood and 42" on 5 wood I think. My drives tend to be low. I don't know where I can get a proper fitting. Golfgalaxy and some other stores do fittings but it is indoors and very poorly done. Does anyone happen to know a good fitter around MD?

Matt T

With a swing speed that high, its no wonder you are all over the place with a stiff shafted driver. A swing speed that high needs a Xstiff or XXstiff possibly. I would suggest going to a fitter to be fit for a shaft.

Geoffrey B

get fitted by  a titleist club fitter.