Mental game for good Golf?

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I' am a 11 Handicap (officially) As of recently i have been consistently shooting in the mid- to high 70's. I feel i am on the cusp of playing some really good golf. However I find it very difficult mentally to handle it. Great example, the last 3 or 4 holes. I can be shooting -2 or even a -3 going into 14. Then my nerves hit me. I almost become to excited that I may shoot a 72 or better and i end up taking a 7 or an 8 on one of the final hole then getting lucky if I bogey after that.

Mentally, I like to think i am fairly tough in regards to recovering from a bad hole. I generally play a round 3-holes at a time. If i am swinging bad I take the time to breathe and look around. It's just extremely difficult to shut off my mind that I am playing a good round with possibilities to score very well towards the end.

Any tips/advice would be great, Thanks!

Carl T

Drop your 3 hole round down to one. When you finish the hole, it is over, history good or bad. The next hole is the start of a new round. Bottom line play the round one hole at at a time. The next shot is the most important and the last shot is ancient history so forget about it.

Dave M

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Andy R

That is a really great idea.  Another good idea is, if you can, have someone caddy for you and have them write down the score. Don't even think about it. I play for my high school and we play in foursomes. I have the player on my team keep my score and I'll keep theirs.  That way we won't know our score until after the round. Just give that a try if you can.


I do that to  you  just  got to focus  on the hole you are on and only that one.