swing consistency issues

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Joshua L

Believe this or not but my swing feels different depending what direction i am facing. I take my practice swings perpendicular to the way i am facing and my swing can feel great. Then when i do my second practice swing with the direction i instead on hitting the ball it feels robotic and not natural. But on a hole facing a different direction it can be completely flipped flopped. On the practice range i will make swings in every direction and each direction it feels differently.

I'd love some help.

Jeff B

more than likely you take the club back inside on the way back, cross the line at the top, get steep on the way down, then have to lay off and have to flip and maneuver the club in the last bit before impact on the way down to compensate - when you throw in the visual of weird angles and lies, there are too many angles for you to work out in your sub conscious so it goes wherever. work on getting the club to the top on plane. hands inside, club head outside on the way back for halfway, then just turn turn turn.

return the right elbow to your side and move your lower body toward the target simultaneously to initiate the downswing.

once you are square at the top, aiming your feet shoulders and hips is a lot easier, and then you can make adjustments with set up to compensate for weird angles and looks.