Teaching my 7 year old daughter how to play

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James H

Any suggestions on the best way to help my daughter learn the game. She enjoys going to the range with me and has a set with a driver, iron and putter. She swings it pretty well and occasionally gets the ball in the air. I don't want to be that dad that gives her a bunch or drills, but would like to help her learn a good swing to build on.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Christian J

Patience, patience, patience.  Pushing golf to her to much is going to drive her away from the game.  You can give her drills but don't make it like its mandatory.  If I were you I would focus right now on her swing and the putting.  Learning to putt early will go along ways down the road.

James B

Put her in the Fisrt Tee program so she can be with other kids her age. It's a great program and they will help her learn the game.

Don O

Echoing Pete, Annika and Paul Gyodos were talking about it on the AM program on the GC one day this week (yesterday?).  Playmates stay in the game.  Getting 3 or 4 together will about make if for life.


In the words of Butch Harmon - "say less, but be there more" - in other words, set her on the right track with the fundamentals and then let her have fun practicing and playing without constant verbal instructions.  But don't leave her alone too long while she is practicing, lest some bad habits start to form or she gets discouraged. 

I think it's also great to create little games and contests - for example, you could play each other on the practice green chipping and putting (closest to the pin, up and down contest), with something, like a quarter, or an ice cream riding on it.  

Best of luck - have fun!