Surefit setting change over time on 910F and 910H

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Lou G

To give a bit of history, I've had been playing a TM Burner 7W and SQ2 5H from the beginning of 2011 to May of this year and then switched to a Superfast 1.0 5-18 fairway and 4-21 hybrid, and Superfast 2.0 6-27 hybrid.  I hit these pretty well but occasionally would hit a high fade.

I acquired a 910F 19* fairway early in August (traded the Superfast 1.0 clubs).  First game out I used the D3 setting and hit pretty well.  Eventually settled on B3 after extensive hitting at the driving range (what was happening was D3 would work well on the tee and B3 worked better off the deck).  Played for about a month at the B3 setting.  Last golf game I was developing a low pull.  Took it to the range last week and re set it to A1 and was hitting dead straight.

Acquired a 910H 27* mid Aug.  Set it to B3 based on the fairway wood and it was doing pretty well for 2 golf games.  A month ago I changed the setting to C3 beause I was missing the green about a foot left.   Took it out to the park this PM and found it pretty effortless to hit it dead straight with the A1 setting. 

Got a 910H 21* as a birthday present this weekend and A1 is the perfect setting.

One thing that happened during the time frame is that the lie angle on a set of Eye 2 irons gradually went from green dot (2.25* upright) to yellow dot (1.5* upright) and finally blue dot (.75* upright) when I switched to AP1s in May.  I have the AP1s set -1/4"  (which matches shaft length of Eye 2s) and 1/2* upright for the 6 and 7 irons and 1* upright for the 8 iron thru LW.  My iron play has gotten progressively better.

The other change was I shortened my driver from 45" to 44.5" in May.  Prior to that, I generally drove straight with an occasional high fade and now I stay pretty much in the center of the fairway.

My theory is I had been hitting upright with an outside-in swing path on the driver and fairways since 2008 (I used to pull it before and that went away after changing) and now I am taking a less upright stance with a more of an inside-out path.   I was also using a slightly closed stance on the driver and fairway wood before.  Now my stance is pretty square.



Lou G

Part of the history is I played 975F fairways between 2007-2010 and a combination of 980F and Louisville persimmons (5/21 with 57 lie angle and 10/28.5  with 58 lie angle) through the beginning of 2011.

It could also be that I am reverting to the golf swing I used for ages but with a more compact backswing and better mechanics. 

When I was using the TM and Sumos, the bad shot was  a block or push fade.  Now my bad shot is a slight pull and I couldn't slice it if I tried. 


Lou G

Don O

Can't say enough about Sure-Fit settings.  I have a 12 degree driver from another manufacturer (didn't have a 12 degree LH available at the time) and 17/21 910F and a 24 910H.  The 910H is at D4 (A1 if RH), the 910 21 at C3 and the 910 17 at A3.  (B2 and D2 if RH).  All 3 are now going straight, and the longest they've been all year.  Using fixed fairway woods, I've had issues with fades, and previous hybrids have been 'game improvement' and had a tendency to pull. Still using a Callie RAZR HL27 degree that I rotate with a 5 iron AP! and I have to make sure I open the hybrid it to keep it from pulling. A 910/913H 27 degree would start at neutral.

At some point I will be looking at driver fittings, and hope I can find a 910/913 27 degree LH.  I would probably move the driver to B1 (C3) from D4 (A1) if it was Surefit to smooth a little fade out of it - if it weren't fixed.

I briefly played Callies (~ Jan - Mar 2010).  Had Warbird 4W, Heavenwood (7W), Divine 9 and Ely Would; traded the 4W, Heavenwood and Divine 9 in for a 2004 BB 5W and 9W.  Also acquired a Heavenwood 6H and 7H.  I could knock the snot out of the fairways but tended to fade the 5W and the 9W was futile because I could hit the 6H just as far.  I acquired a 980F 3W and 5W (kept the Ely Would until I got my Louisvilles later in the year) and was able to get enough store credit (with returns and etc on the ) to buy Vokey SM2 60-07 and 64-07 for free.  I played with the 980F and two Louisville persimmons (5/21 Vanguard and Even Stripe 10/28.5 woods) for the remainder of 2010 and used the 10 wood until Mar 2011 (when I got the SQ 5/26).


Lou G

I'm back to A3 on all the 910s.   My stance was slowly getting flatter and I had been having some issues with an occasional snap hook or topping the ball.  I went back to an upright stance and reset the Surefits on all 3 to A3 - problem solved.  Also started hitting 7 iron more consistently and straight.