Loft of wedge around the green

Lou G

May have to re think the 52-12 vs 50-08 and 54-14 idea.(at least at Riverwalk anyway - the greens are much softer there).  Key thing is extensive sand practice next 2 weeks. 

Good thing I kept my 50 and 54.

The 52-12 now wins out because I had the fitter shorten the shaft to 35.25"  Overall it pitches better and sand performance is about the same as the 54.

Marc H


The best way to determine which wedges is to use constant distances between clubs, much like the advice offered by Pelz years ago.

Pick a club that hits 100, and then each club will be about 15 yards different.  So if you hit the GW 100, then the SW will go 85, the LW 70, and the XW 55.    Some people say clubs are about 10 yards different, but that doesn't really agree totally with the Trackman data published about the tour.

Same the other way.  If the GW goes 100, then the next club is the one you hit 115, then 130, then 145 etc.

So you wind up eventually with a set that hits:

P, 55, 70, 85,100,115, 130, 145, 160, 175, 190, 210, ...

That is about correct.   I get 100 from the PW, 85 from the SW and 65 from the LW (they are spaced 7* apart).  9 iron 115-120, 8 iron 130-135, 7 iron 140-145  27H 155-160, 21H 170-175, 19F 185-190.   13* driver 230-240 average.  When I carried an X wedge, I hit it 50 yards on a full shot and pitched about 25-30.   Dave Pelz also had some tips about distance control, one being 10 yards for every 1/2 inch choke on a full swing, 5 yards per on a half swing and 2.5 per on a 1/4 swing.   He's also a big proponent of carrying a 64 degree wedge (I did it for 5 years.  Have to admit it is a nice club to have handy but their use is very limited - 62-07 is a much better L/X wedge).   I think I have tinkered with just about every loft in the wedge arsenal (and numerous bounces) and can bring any on online in a week or two.

I put the SM4 52-12 and the two SM c-c wedges (50-08 and 54-14) thrpugh some serious paces at the Miramar practice greens (one thing it has is a practice bunker with rather hard sand) The main thing was the 50-08 worked much better beyond 40 yards than the 52 and the 54 had an easier time clearing the bunker lip and was easier to hit off the sand (can't do a blast shot but have to do a digging pitch).