Problems slicing constantly.

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Manuel M

Hey TT,

I have been encountering a serious problem with slicing all my driver shots & fairway wood shots. I honestly at this point have no clue what im doing wrong because i have addressed every issue and tried to correct it, but have had no success at all! I dont feel like im coming from outside to in. i am shooting my hips first and my grip is addressed for impact now. Please help me. If anyone can please help me with any tips and if their is anyone that is willing to assess my swing with a video i can send then that would be truly amazing. I have come for help here because i know their are so many tips everyone can give and i want this issue solved immediately. If anyone gives lessons also that would be helpful to me for my issue. thank you so much. Team Titleist for life.

Respecfully, Manny M.


Where are you hitting the ball? How flat or steep is your swing? Does it seem as though your arms wrap around your body quickly in your follow through? Is your ball too far forward?


I stand square to the target with the ball about 1 to 2 inches inside my lead heel. Start the backswing by rotating your upperbody, but keep your lowerbody as quiet as possible. Stack your weight over your back leg through the backswing and then shift your weight forward, but keep your head back (don't sway, just transfer weight). Focus on hitting the inside part of the ball as if you wanted to push it a bit, but extend your arms through impact and give it a full release. The momentum from the club should bring you around to your finish position.

Chris S

I would suggest seeing your local PGA Pro for a lesson.