Pure shot routine

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anthony p

Does anyone else follow the same exact pure shot rout before every shot?  I always make sure to try and do the same exact thing before every shot - deep breath, clear my head, focus only in ball, practice swing until I feel I get the perfect swing, then replicate the feeling of the perfect swing when I go to hit.  Don't do this out of superstition, more out of just trying to consistently do the same thing is it so good swings become second nature

Ron M.

Anthony your taking the right approach...Always try to keep your routine the same with all clubs...The only thing I would change is at address....I never think about hitting the ball...I vision the shot and think about the target I want to launch too...I also want the ball to get in the way of my swing...I look 1/2 in. in front of the ball with iron's so it will get in my swing-path.. On golf channel they had Snedeker's routine for Driver/Irons and putter , all 3 where 13 sec. from approach to impact...Less and smooth

anthony p

Thanks!  I am guessing my setup takes maybe 20 seconds at the most.  I try to focus on the ball because I used to me pick my head up and hit it about 2 feet, so focusing on the ball makes sure my heads stays down and I get smooth contact.