2013 Goals for the Season: Focus on the Short Game. Who's with me?

Putting was my nemesis last year and thankfully several lessons with my pro on keeping your wrists firm and follow-thru, definitely helped my game out. My goal for 2013 is to keep those pitch shots around the green/with front pins, at a manageable putting length and not be over and off the green or a mile long putt back. Like other team members have noted, the short game is the money game and where opportunities abound to shave off strokes. 

Big improvement today. After about the 3rd hole, I started to get a good feel for my pitches, and had good judgment for shot selection. I stuck a flop shot over a hill and within 3 feet of the hole. My chipping was spot on, and my pitches were often within 7 feet. The coolest thing that I have been doing is a checkup long chip when a pitch wouldn't be desirable. This was working good for me.

I have a routine that  I follow in between rounds (about every other week).

The off week I have time at the driving range and then I limit it to about 30 minutes.   I don't do short irons there (except maybe for warmup).   Main focus here is shot shaping

Generally on Saturday morning I go over to the park with the 34H and the 8-PW and practice approach shots to a mound (with a sidewalk) that is similar to hitting a slightly elevated green (the sidewalk is a figure 8 with two 20ft grass circles).   Full swings, choke shots, pitches, etc.

During the off week I'll go to the practice area at Miramar (on the way to work) and do short pitches with the 54,60 and 64 plus hard sand with the 60.

One of my lunch hours on my golf week I'll go to Admiral Baker and do soft or wet bunker shots (the sand by the driving range is soft and there is a deep wet bunker and practice green by the clubhouse).  I do my greenside practice near the clubhouse.

I should practice more putting but my putting practice day is usually Thursday on my golf week for 30 minutes.

The morning I play golf I warm up with a lob wedge for 15 minutes at another local park before heading to the course.

It all paid off because I shot +3 on the South Course at Oaks.  This particular course is great for practicing longer par 3s because only one is less that 165 yards (137); two of those holes are uphill and over 175 yards (179 and 205) so they play long and #9 I played a fully choked stinger with the driver (13*) vice trying to muscle a 19F and landed on the back of the green (where the pin was).  When a par 3 plays 190-200 I play a choked stinger shot with the driver and have gotten deadly with it. Also have gotten pretty deadly on #2 (185 yard par 3 - generally plays near 190) because 2/3 times I've put it pin high on the green with the 19F (with a conservative swing).   I used to struggle with par 3s over 160 yards before. 

Even the courses I play target specific areas.  For instance, playing the Riverwalk Friars course targets use of the fairway woods and the middle clubsbecause most of the par 4s are around 400 yards from the blue.   Admiral Baker is a balance because the South Course has 3 par 5s and the par 4s are around 330 yards; the two par 3s are 170.  Tecolote Canyon's par 3s are between 105-165 and the par 4s are around 300 but very narrow (also has some elevated and downhill greens).  If I want to be a crack shot off the tee with a 5 wood, go to National City (the only time I use the driver is on #2 because it is a par 5; the par 4s are 270-300 and narrow; the only thing about NC is that it is too easy because I shoot pretty close to par).