how to play a lob shot ?

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robin a

what is the best way to play a lob shot please

Lou G

robin a

what is the best way to play a lob shot please

Three types of lob shots -

1. Pitch - you play the ball more forward in your stance (which is open) and swing along the target line.  You need to have a good amount of turf.

2.  Flop - played like a bunker shot.  You play the ball forward.  Stance is open relative to target and clubface points at the target.  You grip the club open and swing along your foot path.  Stops on a dime. Need a good amount of turf.

3.  Cut - similar to a flop shot but played near the center of your stance.

Key thing in all 3 is the shaft doesn't lean forward much (should be almost vertical).  Hit through the ball and don't try to help it by breaking your wrists.  Too many people try to get fancy and use a lot of wrist action.  Take a normal golf swing.


Pitch with the ball a little more forward in your stance. Open the stance slightly, and open the club face so that it is square relative to the target. Still hit down on it. This should produce a high lob with a soft landing.

For a flop, open everything up a little more and think "bunker shot". You want to ground out the shot just behind the ball and allow the club to slide under and pop the ball up in the air. Practice, practice, practice. The possibility of a shanked or badly thinned shot are very high. Get comfortable with this one before using it on the course.

Christian J

I tend to play the lob flop shot a lot.  I simply make the club almost parallel to the ground, and make sure the club face is facing the target.  Then setup from there, it should cause a very open stance.  Then I swing through the ball, but make sure to hit the ground just before I hit the ball to get the spin and the ball up into the air.  I know this sounds really confusing and a picture would probably help a lot.  This has worked for me though so I will stick to it.

Lou G

I think 3 of us are just about in complete concurrence so far.

Connor I.

I have always used a pro's method of the flop shot.

1. He uses either a 60* or 64* wedge with little to no bounce.

2. Ball position up in your stance.

3. Your weight should be forward.

4. Open up the club face all the way and then re-grip it.

5. Then you go into the ground behind the ball getting the leading edge under the ball popping it into the air.

Hope this helps.




robin a


I can  only tell you that the best way I found how to learn the lob shot was to take lessons from a Pro. For me or anyone other than a Pro to try and explain it over this forum is not something I believe can be done with any amount of succcess as it takes someone to really show you how and to follow up with practice with you.

thank you for the advice so on to the practice ground i will go


Lou G

I think 3 of us are just about in complete concurrence so far.

Yes, I noticed that we pretty much described it exactly the same.


1. Open your stance

2. Aim 10 yards left of your target

3. Play the ball towards the front of your stance

4. Take a full, normal swing

A slider (low bounce) wedge works best in my mind since the concept is to slide the open face under the ball. I use my 60.04 for lob shots. You can pull it off with a digger style wedge, though.

Ron M.

Robin you should also try a strong right hand grip....It will prevent you from turning over your hand's and closing the club face....

Padraic S

stand ferther away open the face lean slightly forward don't try to flip it it will become worse f you flip it good luck