Push/fade with driver.

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Connor I.

Hey TT, I normally drive the golf ball pretty good with a low draw, but recently I have started pushing my drives out to the right and I can't seem to figure out why. I have worked on turning my hips through impact but that made the ball fade even more. Any help would be appreciated.

Connor I.

eboos, I have been working on starting my downswing from the ground up with my hips, shoulders, then arms. I think what my problem is is that I am sliding my hips toward the target on the start of my down swing and that causes me to drop my club too far to the inside and I can't release the golf club in time resulting in a push to the right.


Christopher K

The solution could be as simple as ball position.  Try moving the ball forward an inch or two.  Hope it helps!

Lou G

Generally a fade is caused by an outside in swing.    Push-slice is if you hit closer to the hosel (stand further from the ball to fix this).  Also when the upper body is ahead of the ball at impact (causing open clubface). 

The hips should rotate starting the downswing. 


Quintin H

Sounds like you started working on something you should not have.

Connor I.

thanks guys.

Craig W

Try keeping your right arm on top longer on the takeaway.

said another way, keep your left forearm parallel to the ground longer

said another way keep the clubface square to the ball longer on the takeaway, rather than let it open with your turn

Marc H

Trackman would probably display that your clubface is aligned with the club path, but the path is too far inside out.  In the past, your clubface was slightly closed to an inside out club path, causing a draw.  Looks like the club face alignment has changed a little, but the club path is the same.

The solution usually given is to:

1)  play the ball forward on the driver

2)  swing inside out

3)  and hit up on the ball. -


This is good for the driver, but the irons are completely different.



Olivia S

If your hips are clearing berfore your hands arrive at impact, that will definatly fade the ball. Work to swing your arms through before you turn your body all the way through, and that will staighten it out (may draw until worked with). Make sure you have a 'strong' grip, (turn your right hand over, so you can see more of the top of your hand. This will make your hands more active in turning the club over and making it square at impact.)

Marc H

Clearing the hips may cause the club path to come from the outside, usually resulting in a fade (if the club is open to the path).  Feeling as if the arms are coming through before the hips (they won't but it feels that way) may cause the club to come inside out, causing a draw/hook if the face is closed relative to the path.

Dr. Gabriele Wulf, kinesiologist and motor learning expert, has demonstrated that focusing too much internally (on body parts) doesn't help very much.  If you are throwing a dart, do you focus on what your hand and arm muscles are doing (internal focus), or do you focus on  the target (external focus)?  Her research convincingly shows that for advanced motor skills, focusing externally is much superior.  If you are a raw beginner, however, then you have to focus a little on the correct body movements until they are somewhat automatic.

If you've played alot of golf (and I am guessing most here play a ton), she suggests focusing externally (on the club, ball, or target) to actually change a motor behavior.  So she would probably suggest something like swinging the club out to right field to aid in getting an inside out swing.