Driver off the DECK!

anyone else like hitting their driver off the deck? also was wondering if it can damage the shaft or anything like that?

I kept my old wood driver for that very purpose.  My current driver is a large face, so the bottom is a little too round, however, I am going to purchase a smaller face driver with a flatter bottom so I can use it from the fairway as well.

A few years ago I had an Orlimar Trimetal 11* fairway driver.   Could hit it well off the deck on a good lie.


right now I'm hitting a png i20 and it works pretty well. I can hit it a good 275 with good roll. 

I hit mine off the deck  a lot especially when my three wood makes me mad! (Stupid TM) 

I hit my 913 off of a good fairway lie once, it was a good shot. But it scratched the bottom of the face, So I won't be doing that again.

My 3 wood is probably my best club so I really have no need to hit driver off the deck. More power to you if you can pull it off though!

driver off the deck is the funnest thing on the world it is really easy to do only if u do things correctly hit it like a 7 iron make a very small divot i play tournament golf and i play it in tournaments its basically a low stinger 3 woods rolls a lot downhill works the best i have hit one 245 and my average drive is about 260 try this tip and hope it works well good luck

Sometimes I will depending on the lie and if there is any trouble on the hole. The only way I can see the shaft being damaged is from taking a huge divot and snapping it but that will take a lot of strength.

I have in the past.  But see no need to do it now.  Not enough control over the flight.

The 913 F-D is an awesome club. Have been trying it out on the course and it works well for all situations so far.