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Jason L.

My wife is fairly new to golf. She got lessons right when she started so she actually has a very nice looking swing with great tempo. She never tries to kill the ball. However, she consistently and constantly hits the ball to the right. It doesn't really slice or fade but instead shoots in a straight line to the right at like a 40 degree angle. She also hits it off the toe of the club probably 80% of the time.

We've tried changing her ball position, how close/far she stands from the ball, how strong/weak she holds the club, how inside/out or outside/in she swings, releasing the club, getting her hands over, everything. Still she consistently hits it off the toe of the club and to the right. Somehow no matter what club she's using she consistently does that.

This makes me think she actually has an inside out swing, which is good. I think if she could get her hands over and close that club face more, and get more contact on the sweet spot she would actually have a great draw. I'm just at a loss for how to get her there. Any tips?

fred k


also make sure that your wife isn't losing her spine angle on the downswing.  the action of straightening her back and losing that angle will cause her to lift up and backwards away from the ball, resulting in shots more towards the toe.  i have this habit (i think because i try not to take divots) and it drives my swing coach crazy.

good luck!


Lou G

John S
It could be that she is taking too steep a backswing. Maybe try flattening it out. Will make her swing a but more "sweepy" and less steep. This tip helped me with the same issue.

I've noticed that quite a few women do have a very steep backswing  in passing by the #1 tee on the North Course at the place I play plus I've also noticed it in my caddy days.  A lot of them overswing also.

My wife is 5'0" and has a rather flat swing.  She also uses a compact backswing because that's the way I taught her how to swing a golf club.



Jason, for a week span, I hit every...single...club off the toe. Driver, all irons, and wedges...The toe hits were especially bad with my wedges, assuming because they are my shortest clubs. As a result, I was hitting a low, fade and lost literally 15 yards on every club. One thing I did was during my setup with my wedges for example, I would not rest the club behind the ball in the center. I would stand close to the ball and rest the heel of the club behind the ball. After a few shots, I started making better contact. Just a suggestion.