Becoming a Better Mental Golfer

i am 17 and play number 1 on my schools varsity golf team i was a 2 then i started not constantly dwelling on bad shots and focusing more on the shots at hand i am now a +2.6 i think that is the big difference maker dont let a bad shot get you down keep your head up good luck buddy

Golf is not a game of perfect by Rotella is one of my favorite mental game books and is short as well as a quick read!

Hi Ethan,

Great advice about reading books by Dr. Bob Rotella. 

The point about controlling your emotions,,, I think you need to understand your emotions before you can learn how to control them effectively to improve sports performance, Controlling usually means suppression / suppression causes tension, which leads to poor performance.

 There is a good piece on You tube by Dr Alan Watkins ( 2 part series: Being Your Best Every Single Day) it is very interesting stuff and really worth a watch. It focuses on Your breathing and heart rate and talks about emotions(energy in motion).


Good Luck with your golf game and Enjoy the videos.

PS. watch them at least twice.