Compression in Irons

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Nunzio D

Hi TT,

Lately I have been having a tough time compressing the ball in my irons. I have ball first contact, but I don't compress it like it should be. Please help!



Paxton C

The key here is you want to pinch the ball. Ball first contact isn't necessarily the key to compressing it. Nor is flipping the wrists, or trying to fix it. The best advice that I can give you is you want to turn the knuckles of your top hand to the ground through impact, that should get you the compression you are looking for!

Nunzio D

Skylar T

You most likely are flipping your wrists through impact.  Try to keep your hands leading the club through impact.  This is the key to compression.  You want to have some lean in the shaft at impact.  

Hi Skylar,

Its not that I flip through impact, in fact i hold off the face and release fully similarly to Adam Scott. I compress the ball fine, but it isn't anything special. I know tiger kills his irons because of compression, and I'm looking for better lag and compression.