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Will S

Hi guys, I am playing in a tournament this weekend, and I was just wondering if you guys had any tips as how to better prepare for a tournament? 



Good Luck Will

Other than the usual swing practice and distance control shots, I would suggest really concentrating on your pre-shot routine.  Keep it consistant.  Select your target. Visualize your ball flight path.   Most of all positive self talk.  Keep yourself from rushing.

Ben M

Play more than you practice if you are this close to the tournament.  If you do spend any time on the range, practice picking targets, going through your pre-shot routine with each ball, and accepting the results without trying to "fix" anything.  I'd also make a game plan for the entire course.  Know what club you are going to hit on each tee, which side of the fairway you want to be on for the best angle into each green, what kind of lay-up distances you want on par 5s, etc... Then take that gameplan to the range and play an imaginary round on the range.  If you hit a bad drive on an imaginary par 5, you hit a layup shot.  If you hit a pull an approach to an imaginary green, you play the kind of shot that you think you'd need.

Above all...have fun.  Competitive golf is a blast with the right attitude.


Learn the course - know where you want to hit the ball.  Takes a little effort, but a good walk of the course should help.

Richard S. W

I always like to play a practice round or two on the course early in the week.  sometimes playing two balls on holes that can be played differently from the tee deciding which will be most advantageous.  then follow this up w/ a "walk" of the course so I can get a feel for fairway slopes, hidden shots etc.  on game day a nice, easy warm up.  maybe a bucket or two and then about an hour on the practice green both chipping and putting but don't over do it. 


good luck w/ your tournament.

Clinton M

practice on a driving range.

Chris H

Practice the short game.....lots.....I find when played in college I saved a lot of rounds when the swing wasn't solid because the short game was still solid.