Golf Ball Compression with Irons

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When you compress the ball with an iron, do you have to take a divot or not.  I was told to hit down on the ball and been taking some BIG divots.  Also, what causes fat shots? no weight transfer?

Thank you.

Connor I.

Hey 808HACKER, most great iron players have one thing in common: they take a divot, whether the ball is teed up or on turf. It usually comes from a shallow angle of attack which produces a long, shallow divot about the size of a dollar bill. So when you are compressing the golf ball you are trapping the ball against the turf and the ball compresses ( pops up ) into the air. To stop coming in too steep and hitting fat shots try shallowing out your backswing -- swinging a little more around your body. That sets up a shallower angle into the ball and a long thin divot. Hope this helps!




Thanks I'll try that =)