I have developed a very bad habit from the latter part of last to starting on the wrong foot this year and doing it again, that is I over swing. Mind you, not just over swing, but to a point where the shaft bounces off my shoulder!! I know it sounds stupid, but somehow I can't get it out of my mind not to over swing. Other than giving up golf, are there any good tips that can help me out.

By the way, my game has suffered from being in the upper 70's to a poor hitting mid, upper 80's. The only thing saving my score anymore is my short game. It's getting to the point where I don't trust my swing, set-up or anything, I just want to hit the ball, not swing at it!


I had (and still have on occasion) the same problem.  Since you say that your short game is okay, I assume that you can do 3/4 swings when needed.  So here's what I do.  Take 1 or 2 extra clubs for the distance needed and just make a smooth take-away and a 3/4 length swing.  It seemed to help me a lot.  Good luck and don't give up. If you can shoot in the upper 70's then you're good enough to get through this.  Fairways and greens.

Mark F


sounds like your backswing tempo might be a little quick, amongst other things.  i tend to overswing a little, too and have been working on these two things:

1) take the club back slowly.  if you're tempo is quick, this is going to feel really odd.  purposely take the club back as slow as you can.

2) make a real conscious effort to stop your shoulder turn as soon as your left shoulder gets under your chin (assuming you're right handed).  it'll probably feel like you're making a quarter/half backswing.

also, what i've been trying to do is go back to old school and try to keep my left arm straight.  i know, that creates tension blah blah blah.  but trying to keep my left arm from bending seems to help me not over rotate and also keeps my wrists from breaking at the top of the backswing.

just remember, with these changes, everything is going to feel really weird the first 100 times you do them.  but keep at it!

good luck.