Slippery Grips - Help!

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Steve M

Hello everyone,

Recently purchased the AP1 irons, 913D driver, 4wood and 3hybrid. Love the set - striking the ball very well but my grips are extremely slippery, almost damp, after 5 or 6 holes. I'm struggling to keep a firm grip on my club and it's becoming an issue. I've never had this issue in the past and was hoping to find a make-shift solution. I've tried using a towel and switching gloves periodically during the round but it's a temporary solution, at best.

Any advice or helpful work-arounds to fix this problem aside from getting the entire set regripped?


Steve M

fred k


i've never heard of that issue with those velvet style grips.  maybe carry a small bottle of baby powder or a baseball rosin bag and powder your hands, not the grip (i think that's a rules violation).  better yet, if you ride when you play, you could always sprinkle some sand out of the sand bottles on your hands.  good luck.

- fred

Steve M

Yes, I believe the grips are tour velvet. They came stock on my clubs. Thank you for the link. Seems like a decent enough idea, I'll give this a try and see how it works.

Steve M


I never heard of this issue either until now. Not sure what the official rules allow for but I'll give it a shot. I appreciate your response!

Steve M

Andrew A


We all have this problem in July ad August especially if you live in a very humid area.  I have the GP Multi-Compound grips and they do help but after a few holes, my glove is damp if not soaked and the grip pressure begins to suffer.  I read in a golf digest WITB, forget the player but played college golf in Arkansas, and he swore by the Gorilla Gold golf towel/grip enhancer.  I tried it last month and it has changed my game and given me complete confidence in any weather conditions that my grip can be trusted.  Each towel comes in a resealable bag and last around 5-8 rounds.


Thanks for the link Andrew. I had always used half cords i9n the past My new set has Tour Velvets. On the hot humid days, I have the same problem: glove, hands and grip very wet and no confidence in my grip. I will try the gorilla gold towel.

Chris S

Try Ultra-Grip. Works really well for me on those hot humid days.

 Chris S

Bill L

Living in Houston where it is probably as humid as anywhere I just dry towel my grips after each shot. You must remember to pay attention to the moisture in your glove. In the hottest months I usually have a couple of gloves handy and take my glove off between shots. OBTW I play velvet grips.

Walt S

Living here in Tennessee, we get very humid days and where I play, there is not much breeze to help. On a tip that I got, I went to a sporting good shop and bought a bottle of racquet ball grip. I apply it to my hands and some to my glove and it works. You can't apply it when it's wet. but before you start, work very well for me.

Joshua L

The Foot Joy rain gloves work great in on really hot and humid days. I have found great success with them, as have many others locally. They absorb all the sweat on your hands and don't allow your grips to get wet.

Steve M

Big thanks to everyone who has commented on this thread. Luckily, the weather has cooled down a bit and I've been fine for the past few weeks. Have a few good options to explore now, hopefully next year. Again, thanks guys!

On another note, anyone else patiently waiting for their #TeamTitleist bag tag? It's been over a month now!


Steve M 

Fred C

Steve, if you have a problem with slipping in hot weather, it sounds like it may be sweat on your non-glove hand. You can buy substances to help keep your hands tacky and dry, but you might try keeping a few paper towels in your bag. You just grip it and dry off your hand. The paper really gets the oils and sweat off of your hands well.

Olivia S

I play with Golf Pride tacky grips. Works like a charm and fixed that same problem I had way back when. 

des taggart

I was using the tacky golf pride 2G grips but found that even those succumbed to the sweaty hands ... I moved to using the multi-compound grips which do make a considerable difference. BUT there is a thing out there called "gorilla cloths". They work big time. They are super sticky fabric cloths that you can rub onto your hands and grips -- and have been approved by the PGA & USGA. 


keith d

Now that you are probably ready for some new grips you might want to try the golf pride bct cord grip. I had the same problem you had and i found that the bct grip took care of of any dampness.


I agree with Joshua.

The one time it rained in California I had some rain grips with me. They are amazing. I also remember reading a DG magazine WITB article and someone's dad just uses them all the time. They found them to be more durable, and the black color doesn't show all the dirt and grime.


I have always found Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips to be nice and tacky all season long and provide great feel even in damp conditions. I ordered my 714 AP1's with the tour wraps instead of the stock grips.

Zach S

I use soap and water on a towel or paper towel and then let them air dry and it keeps them sticky for a couple of rounds.  Hope this helps