Nerves in Tryouts/Tournaments

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Mott Ford III

Anyone have any good tips for nerves in tournament/ tryout golf? I know the best way to get better at it is to play tournament golf but I haven't had the time to play in enough this summer. I've got high school tryouts coming up and know I can make it if I play like I know I can, but those nerves get to me. Last year, I posted one bad round and missed the team by one spot because of that round and would love to avoid a similar situation this year. FYI my try-outs are 36 holes on day 1 and 18 on day 2 and day 3 (72 total). Anyone have any good on course/pre-round suggestions to getting mentally zoned in and just being able to post a good number when it really counts? I've been practicing every day to prepare my golf game and I just need that game to maintain through tryouts..

Thanks for any help

Gabe B


The best advice is to relax as much as you can, understand and embrace the nerves as everyone has those first tee jitters. Have fun playing and enjoy each day use a routine on each shot that allows you to focus when you need to and let your mind escape between shots in order to maintain your energy. As you have been playing and practicing to prepare for the tryouts remember that each round of the tryouts are just another round of golf just like your practice rounds.

Mott Ford III

I really appreciate the good advice, already helping me calm down a little. Thank you very much