Inconsistant Distances

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Dylan B

Hi I'm 13 years old (6 hcp). I currently have the AP1 710's and I am having some problems with my distances for example if I hit 10 7 irons about 7 will be 145m and the other 3 will be about 155-160. I think it might be from inconsistant contact but I seem to be hitting them pretty well. Any tips please thanx.

Mason W

Dont keep doing what your doing make sure you hit them the same distances every time that will help.

Ron M.

Just think about the problem your going to have when your hitting the 7-iron 160 and worrying about the three shots you going to hit 170-175.:) .I sometimes reach out a little farther on my backswing to increase my swing circle. This gives me a little more distance.Maybe your doing this without realizing it...Your game sounds solid ,Good luck...

Olivia S

Making as much contact (LOTS & lots of practice) is always a sure remedy for better consistency. Record your average distance on the range for each club and take those numbers out onto the course with confidence.