913 D2 (d+ shaft)

Started by : Robert W |

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Robert W

I am about to order from a reputable internet site but not totally sure I am doing the right thing.

Swing speed average out at 113, with launch on my own driver 11 degrees and distance average 290

Question is thinking of 913 D2 D+ 72g x flex. I have tried the aftermarket whiteboard and loved it is this shaft the same or similar.

Have been fitted for motore v7.2xflex.

How does the D+ compare to original.

AC RixRox

Something sounds funny. Is your club face loft angle 11 degrees or your launch angle 11 degrees? It makes a difference on your launch angle if your shaft weight and flex are wrong. 113 Swing and 290 yds are cool but 11 deg. launch angle sounds a tad low for your yardage, Just MHO.