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Steven A

When I hit an iron my ball doesn't slice at all. On the other hand, when I drive the ball it constantly ends up in the rough. What are some things I can try to help my rotation and/or swing?

Sam K

That sounds like really good advice. I have tried many things to get rid of my slice. some thing work for part of a round but the slice always comes back. I was reading this article by Hank Haney about a simple drill to get the club on plane and inside out. I haven't had a chance go through the motions because of the weather but Ill be hitting the range next week. 

John L

something i've seen a lot of people do is they forward press the driver with out realizing it. the ball should be teed up close to your lead foots big toe. when you address the ball the shaft almost look like its leaning away from the ball. this is because your hands should be straight down in front of you. i like to think of it as the grip should be pointing at your belt buckle. once you have this set up then grip the club. you'll find out that you might sub concisely return your hands to this position at impact thus helping you to get the club face right at impact. at least this has worked for me. 

cheers greens and fairways to all. 


Sam S


The fact that you are slicing the least-lofted club in your bag is in my opinion no coincidence!  I have found that when a golfer tries to help the ball in the air, he usually ends up with a reverse-pivot (shifting to your right foot on the downswing), which often produces a very ugly slice.  A simple fix: Shift your weight 70-80 percent to your right foot on the backswing, and then shift 90 percent of your weight to your left foot on the downswing.  You should always be able to finish in balance on your left foot with your belt buckle more or less pointed at your target.  Higher handicapped golfers often have a hard time trusting the loft of their clubs, but with sufficient power, the ball will go up!  There are many things you can do to get the ball airborne; just make sure it's not a reverse-pivot!!

Hope this helps,