Tips for putting?

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William B

What is your preferred putting stroke and grip and why?

Chris K

I've tried a few different grips/strokes over the years, but I have had the most success by keeping it simple, standard grip and straight (pendulum) swing, as this feels most natural to me. 

I believe that putting consistently (like any swing) is built upon routine and repetition.  If you can practice a setup and swing enough that it just feels natural, it somewhat reduces the number of variables in the equation, which should reduce the margin of error in the stroke itself.  If you are comfortable in your stroke, and confident that you are going to hit your chosen line with the speed you have selected, you have a better chance of doing so, which leaves your ability to read the green as the primary factor remaining. 

Josh G

I putt cross-handed, and always focus on keeping my grip light and keeping my head down.  I totally agree to do what's comfortable and stick to it.  IMO putting is all about feel.

Dennis M

I use a reverse overlap grip and have a stroke that is pretty much square to square. For 50 years, I used a 10 finger grip for everything, but during three years of not playing due to injuries, I kept gripping clubs with an overlap grip and a putter with a reverse overlap so that when I returned, I could apply more of the written instruction in the monthly magazines to myself.


My #1 putting tip is to get a Scotty Cameron putter.

I used to think the "Scotty" aura was just that but WOW,,,I just got a new Studio Newport 2 Scotty and it has changed my entire outlook on putting.

My confidence level is out of sight. My alignment has improved drastically. My only problem now is when playing slower greens I have not yet grooved my stroke for the distance adjustment required.

Believe me when I say a "SCOTTY" WILL MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE.

Josh P

I use the reverse overlap because it makes my stroke very strong and steady. I slightly open and close the face on the way back and through naturally because thats what goes on when i make a normal golf swing.

Josh G

COULDN'T AGREE MORE!  I am absolutely in love with my Socttys.  

For quicker greens I use an older Gunblue Newport, when I'm playing a course with slower greens I switch to a Studio Select Newport 33/360.  The heavier headweight is perfect for slower greens.  I also have a Studio Stainless Newport Beach for when I can't decide.

I also love the look, sound, and feel of the Scotty Cameron.  I think it makes practicing putting more fun, and therefore makes you a better putter.  I know 200-300 bills seems like a lot, but the putter is the most important club in the bag, and I've never duck hooked a putter into the woods before...

Joshua E

I use a striaght back straight forward putt and I have found that to work the best for me. I use no overlay or cross grip. It feels more natural to stack my hands and put more fingers on the grip. I have also thought that Scotty was for people with more money and pros, but I hit my buddies the other day and I cant wait to get one. I like the plummer shaft if anyone has any suggestions.

Josh G

Something face balanced would be good for a SBST stroke.  A longneck (if you're a blade guy) or a Fastback/ squareback if you're a mallet lover would be good too.

Fergal O

A good tip for putting is move with your shoulders not your wrists. Like any club line up with your feet facing at where you want to roll the ball. Grip is personal you can use one you have always used or keep attempting a new one. The putter can make a difference to. You can find lots of tips about putting over the web also. Hope you liked the advice. 

John L

I have an un conventional stance. I have tried many times to change it to a more conventinal stance but i dont have distance control that way. so my unconventional way is I place the putter on the line i am trying to putt. then i stand at the ball closer to a pitch stance were im standing alittle open. i dont know why it works for me but i have better distance control and my putting stroke is very smoth that way. and then the best tip ever is a loose grip. just keep it relaxed.  i have 4 putters but when it counts i always bring out old fathfull Scotty. there is a reason his name is associated with makeing great putters. i'll never get rid of it and im thinking of buying another one that is an exact duplicate of what i use so that i dont have to take the game day one out of the bag for practice i'll just keep one in my house for practice and the other in the bag for game day.


Im a 4 handicap and ive been tinkering around with putters, diff. grips, and strokes, ive found that i putt best cross handed and with a pendulum stroke, my coach told me to buy a putting arc, so i did, and that has helped my putting unbelievably. I've found that no matter how well you hit your line, if you dont have the right line chosen and you dont have very good speed then you'll never make a putt past 10 ft, if your struggling with your putting then i would tell you to not worry about your stroke, make sure you learn how to read the greens as best as you can and start practicing your speed on putts from 10-30 ft because those are what most people usually have for birdie. for speed i recommend not putting to a hole to practice, i would tell you to putt to the end of the fringe so that your getting the ball to die right where the fringe starts, for a tip on reading the greens; i recommend you find the speed you want to hit the putt before you get your line chosen, because when you visualize the speed of the putt first you very rarely will get the line wrong. to learn how to read the brake, go and play a round of golf with your local pga professional and ask him or her about it because theyre the most trained at the game in your area, good luck with your putting!



Reading greens properly would be # 1 on the list.  Confidence in your putter selection should be # 3.  The elusive grip and stroke I think is # 2.   If you watch the Tour players, not too many grips or swing patterns are alike.  Experiment with whatever you feel produces the best stroke.  I prefer a heavy mallet putter.  Plenty of beef on long putts and a great pendulum effect on short ones.  To each his own.  Kinda like finding the right girl.  You'll know when it happens.

Zachary N

I prefer the cross handed grip. I switched to this grip before the high school region and putted great! The stroke just feels natural to me. I am right handed.   

Scott B

For some reason I haven't putted well the last couple of years.  I believe my biggest problem was the thing between my ears.  I use a Scotty and love it.  When I'm putting well I think it is because I have confidence in my putter.  Again, when I think about things too much I get into trouble.  I would like to find a center shafted mallet style Scotty, anyone know what would be a good one?


Brad m

The best way to become a good putter in my opinion is practise. I hit 6-7 footers in my living room all winter long. During the season, I spend at least half an hour a week on the practice green. Also, you want good equipment. I have a Scotty Cameron putter, studio select Newport 1.5, and I only use Pro V1s. They are the most consistent ball I find on the market. You never see one off centre, or lose its shape. Good putting is not an accident, and I feel the most important part of your game.  


I use a 34 inch 350gm SC Del Mar.  The drills I do are putt only w/ right hand, use the Cameron Cube and use the Cameron Gate.  This has really improved my putting.  I recently went to an open stance to help with my aim.  It's worked wonders.  I have a always stood square to the target line in the past. 

I'm also a fan of the clock drill for making a lot of short putts.

Kris A

Scotty has a Red X that is center shafted. I just got the 2.6 and love it.




Something that I learned is to have the ball forward in your stance so that you can view both the ball and the hole at the same time. Also, if you have a heel-shafted putter, let the club head open and close freely like a door on a hinge. This prevents you from pushing or pulling putts. I hope this helps!

Kaleb Fisher

the only scotty that i know of that has a center shaft is the new port 2.6

other wise your gonna have to look around for limited editions

bets wishes,


Carl T

For years putting was the best part of my game but last year I got the "yips" on 5 footers and closer. It slowly affected my whole game. I think I started getting "yippy" when I started thinking of the results of the putt and more likely thinking "I need to make this putt to have a decent score". I cannot say as I type this that I have put the yips behind me but I can say the last couple of rounds I played before cold weather put a hiatis on my game I was putting better. What changed ? I slowly changed my stroke without being aware of the change from a natural arc of in, square to in to a straight back, straight forward, thinking more on the results. Now the only thing I think about is align myself to stroke the ball into the hole, and then make the stroke and not thinking anything about the results. In summery, just think of making a good pendulum stroke and the rest will take care of it's self.

Brett W

I saw a tip in golf digest by butch harmon. Ever since I started using It my putting has improved drastically. He says to feel like your putting with your left ear without moving your head. It also helps to only think about the point you have picked as your target. this will help you feel like your hitting down the line and also will eliminate any other swing thoughts while your putting. Your stroke doesnt really matter as long as your comfortable and you return the face back to square at impact. This tip will get you hitting along your intended target line. As long as you get the right speed youll rarely 3 putt and youll make alot of them. hope this helps

mick t

I use a 2 finger reverse overlap grip. The 2 finger makes my hands work together.  The stroke I use the shoulders with a little arc. 

Cameron A

I just putt normally because I have been putting really well like this. And I use a pink Iomic putter grip that I just got in Myrtle Beach for breast cancer awareness!!!!!!!


I use interlocking pinky and first finger style grip for putting (along with wedges).  It provide more consistency and feel (plus I don't need power).  I use 10 finger grip on full iron/wood shots because I don't feel comfortable doing the interlocking.

I have a slight arc in my stroke and I've found my setup the plumbing neck works for me.  My new Monterrey has been incredible on the course this year!  the deep milling provides an awesome feel.  The pistolero grip is perfect for my bigger hands too, seems to keep me from over or under turning the arc.

Josh G

I've putted cross handed my whole life.  I don't know why, but it works for me.