How to start the backswing?

Jason, that is excellent news! explaining the feeling of coil is one thing, when the player actually feels it is another. i believe you are on you way to compressing a ball consistently. monitoring yourself in a mirror is THE best way to make a change stick. either without a ball or in a studio hitting into a net. then practicing outside thinking target and shot shape only. tyr this little beauty as well..... when your right side rotates your left side must bend to maintain a stationary head and spine angle. stand tall and just reach your left arm to the side of your knee, now get in your setup position and take it to the top feeling that  left side bend. when you make your move towards the target and wind and finish in balance. sounds like 2013 is gonna be your year man. may the force be with you.

I have a golf trip planned at the end of January and plan on having this grooved so that I don't even have to think about it. Thanks to everyone for your input, it is pretty awesome to be able to share my passion with others that have a similar interest.

Jason, glad you found the solution to your problem. This is probably the major issue of why golfers don't strike the ball as well as they could if they made a proper rotation on the back swing. For me I found a swing thought of starting my back swing with my shoulders and keeping the club head outside of my hands. The shoulder rotates around your spine and your hips rotate not as much. For too many years I started the back swing with my hands and this led to many problems. Now the hands just go along for the ride and my big muscles (shoulder, chest, arms and hips) start the backswing and rotation of the body.