Slippery Grips - Help!

Now that you are probably ready for some new grips you might want to try the golf pride bct cord grip. I had the same problem you had and i found that the bct grip took care of of any dampness.

I agree with Joshua.

The one time it rained in California I had some rain grips with me. They are amazing. I also remember reading a DG magazine WITB article and someone's dad just uses them all the time. They found them to be more durable, and the black color doesn't show all the dirt and grime.

I have always found Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips to be nice and tacky all season long and provide great feel even in damp conditions. I ordered my 714 AP1's with the tour wraps instead of the stock grips.

I use soap and water on a towel or paper towel and then let them air dry and it keeps them sticky for a couple of rounds.  Hope this helps