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Hi MIke,

Hope all is well with your golf season thus far and hope you are making the most of this break from the heat wave. I have a suggestion for a Discussion Topic  and would like to see what you think.

Lately, I have been searching the WEB for reputable golf instructors both local and in areas where I travel to for work. This is a painstaking task because I realize what is mostly missing are the reviews by their students. I was fortunate enough to get some instruction from recent Hall of Fame Inductee and Titleist Loyalist Craig Shankland down at the LPGA International, Daytona Beach, FL. I really enjoyed and value his tutelage but unfortunately I don't live in Florida and so I can't invest in a long term situation with Craig. I am trying to find someone closer to me at the moment but that is proving very difficult.

I would like to suggest the Discussion Topic "Instruction" where we could locate first hand experiences and reviews of PGA Professionals and Instructors as a reference for anyone seeking tutelage for certain locations. I understand that this would go hand-in-hand with's TPI Certified Professional Locator as well as the Titleist Fitter Locator but Instruction seems to be what's missing. With all 3, we would have an amalgam for a holistic approach to golf.

I will write and post a review of Craig tonight, but I thought I'd ask you first.

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