Fell apart

Hi Scott. Sadly, Paul has passed on. His longtime assistant, Doug Ferreri, now carries the torch for "The Bertholy Method". Doug has been a super help with implementing the program into my game. The program, by the way, is based on the swings of Mr. Ben Hogan and Mr. Sam Snead. If you've had the chance to watch a Moe Norman clinic on YouTube you've heard him use some of Paul's terminology: "vertical drop", "horizontal tug", "rod and claw", "hit impulse", "the Master Move"; all straight from Mr. Bertholy. I hope you look into the Bertholy Method. I know it will be helpful.  Best, James.

The blowups these days are fewer and further between. 

I used to have an all too frequent problem with a swing shutdown in 2008-2009 and it happened just after I changed my swing to more upright on the driver and hybrids.  What would happen near the end of a round is all of a sudden a shank would pop up and I would lose my swing on the short irons so bad that I couldn't even hit a pitch shot.  It got so bad one time that I had to walk off the golf course after 16 holes.  Changing to a more compact backswing cured a lot of this so they became fewer in 2009.  I think the worst mid-round blowup I had at that time was getting a 9 on the 9th hole (a par 5) and shooting a 49.  I followed with two double bogeys.  I caught up to a group on the 9th hole and they let me play with them.  So what happened is I told them to go ahead on the 12th hole and I sat on the tee box for 10 minutes to chill out; I got 3 pars in a row after that and ended up with a 44 on the back 9.

I had one round about a year ago where I started out with a bogey and triple bogey and then maintained -2 for the remaining 7 holes (finishing with 2 birdies).




Had a much better round yesterday but still made a double bogey on a hole due to a mental mistake. Blocked my drive right into the trees but I had a clear opening to advance the ball down the fairway to give me a chance of getting up and down. Took my laser and put it on a tree on the opposite side of the fairway and got 166 yards. What was I thinking, took my 160 yard iron and made an easy swing and you guessed it, hit my ball 166 yards right behind the tree. When will the drums cease.......


I have checked out the You Tube clinic you mentioned, and those terms do sound very familar! I will definately be looking all I can into the Bertholy method for sure! Thanks again Sir!


Scott, I think you will be glad you did. Let me know if you have any questions that I can help with.  If I don't know the answer, I know Doug will. Best, James.

Thank you James,

Didnt play this weekend, but did chip a few in the yard....I will keep ya posted on how things progress for sure!