Winter Practice

my range is heated, but we have been bombarded with snow in the DC area. I practice a lot of indoor putting and just taking some swings inside my office. keeps me somewhat loose. I'm a 14 as of last year, and played while on business down in orlando for the first time of 2014, shot 89 on rented clubs, was pretty pleased. i think it was due to watching tv and putting on my mat and swinging inside the office.

it's tough for us folks who really can't play for about 3-4 months out of the year.

I've got a putting mat in my office where I do a fair amount of putting and chipping.  I also putt in my living room to the SC putting cup from 2012.  In addition, I've been doing TPI and hitting the range once or twice a week.  The range is "heated", but it's still really cold in New England.  I don't trust range balls for distance, but it's great to take some full swings and see the ball fly.

I'm just counting down the days now.  We're usually playing on grass by St. Paddy's day here in Mass.  

Think spring.

I'm lucky - my wife works at a boarding school in Connecticut and they have an indoor hit area for real balls and use the squash courts with foam or plastic balls off a hitting mat. When I visit my boys in Chicago we head over to TopGolf for some fun practice and beer.

I live in the PNW, so we pretty much just get wet. We're lucky that it's rarely too cold to golf, but plugging golf balls, winter rules, and multiple sets of rain gear and umbrellas gets old. 

That said, we're not snowed in so some time at the covered practice range usually helps. 

Here in MN just about all we can do is simulators and domes. I used to prefer the simulators, but agree that they are pretty suspect. Now I'm almost exclusively hitting at the indoor domes. I worry that the mats and not really seeing ball flight gets me in some bad habits though so I try to focus on tempo and mechanics as much as possible.

I swing irons mostly and hit foam balls into a mattress. Other then that I go to simulators.