What tips would you like to see from the pros?

Mike - I think the approach to course management has been mentioned.  I would like to hear specifically about shots into the green and the thought process to attacking pins or not.

More importantly to me are how to handle long putts.  What are the thoughts about line, speed, etc. when it comes to really long putts.  

I always have a hard time chipping off a tight fairway lie. 20 yards in, it seems I either skull it or hit too far behind it. I can really use some tips on this shot, to help me save more pars.

Thanks guys. Great suggestions so far. Keep them coming!

This past year I have learned two different theories on the take away from two different coaches. This has made for a very confusing off-season for me on which one to go with. I'd like some different opinions on what other guys go with. Also I'd like to improve being able to make the ball check from around the greens about 10-40 yard shots. 

Thanks Mike,

Gavin P.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get an inside view of the tour and the players tips for the trade.  I am sure people want to know how to improve putting, short game etc, but what I would really like to know is what some of the players do to warm up before getting on the course.  What type of stretching, exercises, etc they do and how soon before they head to the course or range.  When they do hit the range, what exactly are they focusing on....shaping, controling distances, launch angles, etc.

Thanks again for providing an opportunity for some insight.  I really like the Titleist tips from the tour.  Keep em coming....



I have to agree with Don O's suggestion for Steve Stricker's approach shots. Would really like to practice his technique this season.

I would love to hear a segment on theplayer strategizing holes. Aim line for tee shots and choosing shot shape followed by the discussion between caddie and pro on shot slection into the green and what yardages, shot shape , preferred miss spots and direction they look for when hitting approach shots. In other words teach us amateurs how they think their way and approach different kinds of holes.

That would be really cool.

Cheers Team Titleist members!

Would like to see some tips on how to become a better ball striker

I would like to see a tip on how to read grain on the greens and the effects it has on the breaks and speeds of putts. Thanks, Joe
Mike, I would like to see a demo on the flop shot from the green side rough. We have some long rough around the greens at our courses in the northeast and are faced with this shot often. Thanks, John S

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

We're headed to the Honda Classic next week and we'll be meeting up with a number of Titleist Brand Ambassadors to film the next installments of the Titleist Tips from the Tour.

And we want to hear from all of you on what types of tips you would like to see... From short game tips to putting drills or full swing mechanics or any other part of your game that needs work... it's all on the table.

You tell us and we'll work with the players to get some of their insight, thoughts and advice down on film.

Looking forward to your suggestions.



I would like to understand how to vary your distance when coming out of a green side bunker

Consistent play seems to separate the pros from most good amateurs so what can we amateurs do to become more consistent in our play, practice wise (besides just more of it)?
Chipping and pitching, ad nauseum.
What thought process goes into a lie when it is either above or below your feet. I think that that is one of my own personal headaches and those elusive decisions what type of approach shot to use inside 50 yards.

Zach Johnson talks about having a "process" for each shot.  I would like to hear him describe his process.