What tips would you like to see from the pros?

I would like to hear about their approach to a pitch relative to distance.  Presently, using a GPS, if the shot is 40 yds, I try to hit half my 80 yd club usually ending up short sometimes very short.  So, I am curious how a pro prepares for the distance of a chip shot.

ill be there too...hope to see you there

ill be there too, hope to see you there

I am interested in all the tips I can receive on chipping. Stance width...distance from the ball...play it front or back in your stance...how to insure a downward blow...there are so many techniques, there has to be a simple and lasting technique. Maybe some practice tips. As you can see I am totally confused!!! Thanks

Mike the biggest round killer is the hard packed sand shot.  I have seen guys pick their ball up rack and replace which is so wrong


hard pack sand shot  with a pronounced lip......... oh the horror

All things putting; reading greens, pre-shot routine, alignment, address, stroke and a few putting drills. Tips from Stricker would be awesome. Thanks Mike

I realize that the grip is probably the first fundamental in the game! Unfortunately for me for some strange reason, every time I try to use one of the proper forms, I shank the ball. I have had some success with a grip similar to that of Gene Sarazen. I place my thumb of my left hand under the palm of my right hand and interlock from there. I am sure that if I could get use to the proper way to hold the club, my game would be more consistent.

Mark F


My main problem shot is the 20-45yd half shot.  I'd like to see what goes into the pro's decisions as to low runner, high stopper, or whatever.  I never seem to be able to decide what to do and so I don't have the confidence with the shot I pick.  Thanks.

Mark F

I second this!

Hello Mike,

I would love to know a few things (i apologized if this has already been requested);

1) What type of stretches/exercises they do before playing

2) What club do they warm up with first on the range

3) I have a big problem with lag, releasing/casting my wrist early on the downswing.  What's a good tip to fix this.

Thanks Mike!

Anything from Stricker from 100 yds and in would be awesome.  

Thanks Mike

Hi I'm Adam from savannah, ga

im a titleist fan through and through, nothing but titleist is in my golf bag and I don't plan on changing that. Best quality golf manufacturer there is. I'm a 8 handicap and only play twice a week with a day or two of practice In between. I've noticed that when my putting is good I can have an inconsistent round off the tee and with my longer clubs and still have a solid score. But I'm only happy with my putting 50% of the time. Is there a tip that a titleist pro can give us on how to be more consistent with the speed of putts? (Stricker would be an awesome person) not a video on how to putt just getting a feel for how hard to hit it may


Two areas of interest for me:  (1) The short pitch from 50-60 yards or less.  Not just technique but club selection.

The second question is hybrids vs. fairway woods.  Many pro use a higher lofted hybrid ( 17-18-19 degrees) instead of a fairway wood of the same degree and are able to hit the ball very high.  Is a hybrid a substitute for long irons or high lofted fairway woods?  How do the pros hit it so high? Thanks

David R. B.

Like many others have posted, I'm interested in course management and thought process. When to be aggressive, when to aim for the middle of the green, kicking nerves on must-have shots, etc. 

Anything on putting from Stricker!  

I'd love to see some tips about the mental side of things, whether it's visualization, how to forget a bad shot, etc.

I'm consider a picker upper with my irons. How can I be more consistent on striking/pinching the ball on my down swing?