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dennis t

I lost my 4 iron and I think I want to replace it with a hybrid.I have ap2 712 irons which hybrid should I get to replace it?
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Hi Dennis, 

The answer to your question is that it really is all player dependent. 

Because the Std. loft of an AP2 4 iron is 24 degrees, most individuals assume a 24 hybrid would be the right replacement. However, some individuals find hybrids with the same loft as the corresponding iron often fly too high. Many individuals get a hybrid that may be a little stronger in loft.

My best advice is to see a local Titleist fitter and hit some different heads and shaft combinations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Take care,


Brett L

Hi my name is Brett, if you liked the loft on the 4Iron, I would definitely get the same loft with your new hybrid. The TM sldr is a great club and so is the titleist 913 h.