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Jake S

Hi TT,

Has anyone ever purchased or used the Orange Whip or the Orange Peel as a training device to help create that swing lag?  I am looking into purchasing one and would like to hear from anyone who has used it in the past and if it is really worth it.



Hi Jake,

I have fiddled with one that was in a used bin at a used sporting goods store. I simply don't understand them. The only people I have seen that use them are the seniors on the range to warm up. If I recall, the price tag is really high for what it is. You can probably afford two really good sessions with a golf pro for the same price and get better faster results.

The product reviews seem pretty high so it might just be me. I have been told I have a very smooth tempo, so maybe it is why I don't get much benefit from practicing with one.



greg l

I have an orange whip and its great for your tempo and getting loose on the first tee.

Club Champion


Hi Jake,

Yes!  I love the orange whip.  I was introduced to it by a "senior," by the way.

It's great for tempo and warming up.

I carry it with me every single time I go to the course.

Invaluable tool that is worth it's weight in gold.

good luck!


Jake S

Thanks for the great info everyone.  I am still very interested in purchasing one but have some more thinking and saving to do in the meantime!