What to do when you don't have time to warm-up?

Hey guys I am 14 and I play on a high school team. I have a lot of matches where I have five minutes to hit range balls, putt and chip and tee-off. How can I play better in these situations and what are some ways to make more feel more loose and free when I play in these situations. Please help.

-Padraic Sim Spanish Fort High 2018 graduate

2014 sectional substate and state champion

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Tell your parents/coach to drive faster!

Kidding aside, I assume you do not drive to the course yourself. You can make use of your car ride and do stretches in your seat or even while you wait for your ride to pick you up. When you hit the course, I recommend focusing on checking the green speed as your first priority. So do a few distance put drills to target points.

If you don't have time to chip, juggling a ball on your wedge can help tune in your sense of the ball weight and face angle for your chip shots. You can do this while walking to the first tee.

Ideally you should put in enough practice with your full swing to have that locked into muscle memory. The day of the round is more to warm up so you don't hurt yourself, so you don't necessarily need to hit balls. Just go through the full motion of the swing slowly and deliberately focusing on stretching the muscles you will be using. If you have a safe enough area, you can then do full practice swings and check your divots for faults. You can do this on course as well, especially if the pace is slow and you are not disturbing anyone else.

Stretching does not have to be done before the round starts. Stretching during the round will help you in the back nine.

Do you have a coach you can talk to about this? I am sure they have years of experience.

Good luck

Disclaimer: This is based on my experience playing with partners who are never on time. I am not a professional, and you already play waaaaaay better than I do.

Your appear to be doing everything right if you are state champ as an eighth grader

Warm up is partly physical and partly mental; you could tackle the mental aspect in the car!
Stretching is key. I also play high school golf and we never have a lot of time to warm up. All I do is stretch as much as I can and it really helps. Hope I can help!