hitting the ball fat off the ground

There are a variety of reasons for hitting heavy, some already discussed here. 

You want about 85-90% of your weight on the front foot at impact.

You want a flat left wrist at impact (or lead wrist)

You don't want your right elbow behind your shirt inseam on the backswing, as you will come in too shallow

Your legs need to straighten at impact, etc.

You need a steady head

There are more... As I stated, a variety of reasons...

I will make this short and sweet. The reason most golfer hit their balls fat and thin is that they are not maintaining their spine angle from address to impact. Try to keep your head still during your swing and using the Ben Hogan vision of rotating your body inside a barrel during the golf swing.

Thank you all for the advice!! I realized now I need to transition some to my front foot....I either hit fat or I skull it.....but from reading this, I know I am sitting too far back on my rear foot....