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Off-Season Workout Program

Sam C

For us Northerners, the off-season is upon us. Snow is in the forecast and the ground is rock hard!

With that in mind, as a 20-something who likes to stay fit and workout a couple times a week, i'm looking for a detailed workout program that I could implement for the upcoming season. Not looking to bulk up or anything like that.

I've learned that full body exercises(Squats, Deadlifts, etc.) are an important part. But I want to remain flexibility and improve core stability as well. Any suggestions or actual programs to share would be a great help! Thanks!

Grip it and Rip it!


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  1. Don O

    As an almost-70 something, I gained a club this year working with a TPI instructor last off season. At least find one and get a 2 session evaluation. You can go to the MyTPI website for golf-centric routines but what you don't know to focus on can minimize the benefit. Just like getting a club fitting.
  2. nate l

    Another vote for the TPI program, changed my game!
  3. 19hole

    I try to hit balls indoors between trip south after the courses close here in the Northeast.

    Just purchased the “Pure Distance Golf Program” gives videos and written instructions with workout sheets for weekly use. Has warmup and workout programs. Can view the workouts on my iPhone in the gym. Same boat you are in New York winters are for getting golf ready!
  5. Matthew L

    Might check out the Joey D golf program (DVD + Equipment) and add that in with the workouts your doing already.
  6. Joel L

    I recently started working with a TPI certified/bio metrics instructor. The program started with a 2 hr evaluation session to determine current levels of strength and flexibility. This also included hitting balls to determine swing sequence(hips, shoulders and hands).

    Our first sessions focused on range of motion and stretching techniques. Later began adding new exercises for balance and core strength. Future sessions will begin to focus on speed training and continued core exercises. Many exercises don't require gym equipment and can be done at home.

    The TPI website has examples of many of the exercises we are working on. I am adding in aerobic workouts for weight loss. Looking forward to the benefits come spring time.
  7. AWells

    I work out at the gym over the winter 4-5 times a week and try to put on about 15-20 pounds, but your right we do get very very tight. But I have found a good stretching routine keeps me flexible, and last year I took a Yoga class. A lot of the exercises really stretch and strengthen, it might be worth checking out.
  8. richard f

    Mostly just hit balls on a range if I can't get on a course to play
  9. RBarnes

    I found out about the TPi program recently when I got a new instructor. It’s awesome. They can basically prescribe exercises to improve your physical ability to swing a golf club. I also think that Titleist is missing out by not having it on a phone app. They did such ab amazing Job developing the program .it would be amazing if I could use an app with it
  10. mj

    follow Lexi Thompson on Instagram...she occasionally post her workout..

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