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Putting Help!!

James B

What are the best tips yall know for making 3-5 footers under pressure???





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  1. Jan-Ivan L

    I think the biggest thing is tension. When your grip is too tight, the ball has a tendency to pull or push those shorties. Try keeping your grip really soft, just enough to hold the club. With the same grip tension, go through your whole putting motion, then as you impact the ball with your putter, slightly tighten up your grip. This should ensure a smooth stroke. Try it out on the green the next time. A game I play is trying to make 4-5 putts from different sides of a hole from around 5 feet before I start hitting balls at the range or before I go home. This is a great drill because it puts pressure on you to make the putts before you do anything else, and it really gives you confidence out on the course because you know you've practiced the putt before.
  2. David K

    Try a drill making those putts with just your lead hand on the putter. Once you can sink them one handed with just the lead hand, add the other one. It's a great confidence builder because once you realize you can make the putt with one hand, it is easy to have confidence with two.
  3. JPHB

    FIRST - you must make sure you decide whether you are going to hit it firm or let it die in the hole, then and only then can you pick your line - once you have those 2 things decided on, go through your routine, this will calm you down, release your breath, and stroke the putt with confidence.  All else being equal, you should make more of them than you miss.

    Good luck!






  4. owen p

    When i start getting a little shaky over the 5 footers i go to the putting green one or two nights and just make 100 or even 200 5 footers before i leave. this will build confidence and that way when you get on the course and you have a 5 footer just pretend your on the practice green and drain it! good luck!

  5. Paul V1

    look up a great article by Golf Digest called "the quiet eye" you'll love it. simplifies things so much and has scientific proof to back everything up. Its a quick read only about three pages.

  6. Jakes D

    if you have normally a good stroke and make these puts, then no thechnical advice will work. then it is in the head. buy the book, "Golf Talk". this will help you more than eny technical advice.
  7. Jackson H

    Ok, what i do is I line up every put even i the putt is 2 feet away, i found that it helps a lot, dont worry about your grip, as long as you keep a consistent grip throughout your stroke,  third have confidence in your putting stroke, dont think about missing and picture the ball rolling in the cup

    Jackson H

  8. Nate S

    I think you spend 1-2 hours on the putting green just practicing those putts. Phil mickelson has a drill where he makes a circle of three foot putts on a sloping part of the green around the hole to simulate all kinds of breaks. he does the drill until he can make all the putts in a row. you could try that.

  9. Geoffrey B

    Thats the same drill I do

  10. Rick James

    Take pressure out of the equation. Once it start effecting your putting you will add extra stress on the rest of your game. I do agree with the others that being confident when standing over a 3-5 foot putt is necessary. Go to a green that you can practice them from all lies. The more you are used to seeing the putt the more confident you will be and finally that "pressure" will not be a factor.
  11. Jakes D

    James, I use to struggle being a consistant putter, but I have worked hard and regard myself as a good putter. you are going to have some less good days. I am a feel player and making 100 or 200 puts will only result in a loss of interest. I agree, you must have a soft grip on all puts. then practice puts by looking not at the ball bat at the hole or a spot 12 inches on the line you want to put, you will find two things, you will not be short on your puts and by looking on the spot on the line is that 95% of the time we pick the right line but we dont hit it on the line. dont hit to many puts to the same hole on the practice green, no more than 3, then move to the next hole, it is not an exercise to practice your technique it is a process to practice making puts. I see a lot op people including pro's struggeling because the become to technical, practice a smooth stroke and let the putter head release to the hole, look at Luke Donald, dont take to long over puts, move in to hit the put with the mindset that you expect to make the put and not a mindset, that you are scared you might miss. I hit every put with the expectation that I am going to hole the put, never focus on technique, look at the pro's most of the top putters use different strokes.
  12. Lou G

    I have read a couple putting tips where they say "putt on the line" and listen for the ball to drop rather than looking at the hole when you putt (you tend to pull the putt). The rest of my game is pretty sound now. Have to zero in on putting - not horrible but not fantastic (need to drain more 6-10' putts; 3-5 are almost gimmes but usually the miss is stopping an inch short and I generally get within a foot on the long putts). And, of course, a properly fit putter (for me it is 35" and 2* upright and this has helped immensely on shorter putts).
  13. Steven B

    I read from behind about 5 to 6 foot behind the ball. Then go over to the front side and read the same. Then I get over the ball and look at the hole to see the line, I do not put unless I see the line. A few practice swings for speed in the line. Pull back, pause for a brief moment then release making corrections at impact not before. 

    This has been successful on fast greens for me, but speed and line is everything.

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