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help with my driver

Jason L

Hey, I noticed in my most recent round of golf that when hitting my driver my ball starts out on my attended target line. The about 100 yards are so it starts curving to the right and causes me to miss a lot of fairways. Im not having this problem anymore with my irons, but cant seem to fix it with my driver. Any ideas on why this is and any drills i can do to help it. Thanks for any help. Jason

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  1. DPavs

    Hard to say without seeing your swing. You could be standing off the ball a bit too much and toeing it or coming over the top. Life has told me that a quick half hour visit with a trusted PGA professional is the best fix.

  2. John L

    Two thoughts come to mind. Your hands are left open at contact so i have two thoughts to work on this. one at impact make sure the logo on your golf glove is facing the target line. or with your driver change to a strong grip with the left hand where at address the thumb is slightly behind the centerline of the shaft with the club centered at address. Two the better idea is swing to the Second baseman. if your target line is over second base the second baseman is alittle to the right of your target line. this wil promote an inside out swing and if you extend your arms toward the second baseman the natural body motion should help to bring the face back to center at impact and you may develop a slight draw on your shot. Remember swing easy and controled. if you cant swing with a lose grip with out loseing the club your swinging too hard.
  3. Lou G

    Paul Wilson of Revolution Golf stated in a video the reason people slice is they try to hit the ball too hard. The arms take over and one goes "over the top". Martin Hall has a great drill - "Shut your face" One of my Facebook friends is a volunteer at His drill for motion was to hold the left arm at shoulder height as if shaking hands. Rotate arm palm down and then palm up; this is the motion on the backswing and downswing. Jim McLean mentions checkpoints in your swing. When you are waist high in your backswing or downswing, the club should be pointed vertical. There was a similar drill to the logo on the golf club. If you leave your watch on your left hand, the crystal should point at the target. My issue with the driver up until January was that my strongest shot was a power fade (it would go 230-240 yards). A totally straight shot would go about 210 with a high trajectory. I found out the best way for me to hit a driver is take a slightly closed stance and extend the arms a little. This does promote a slightly inside-out swing path for me. Also, my driver is a 13 deg senior flex Burner draw driver with a 45" shaft ..... I only need to tee the ball up about 1 1/2". I swing at the target line and it goes perfectly straight about 230-240 yards. If one can believe it, about a month and a half ago I hit a 270 yard drive on #9 at Miramar and greened a short par 4 two weeks before that.
  4. Jakes D

    Interesting to see that the experts are a 24, 7 and 10 handicap golfer. Go the a pro for help.
  5. Lou G

    Jake - this is stuff I got from a couple pros. I'm just re-stating their videos and tips. That is how I went from barely breaking 100 to consistently shooting in the 80s. I've also almost broke par once (3 missed birdie putts and was +2) and I pretty much shoot even par on the par 3s and par 5s. May I ask what your handicap is? I wouldn't be so quick to slam someone with a 7 or a 10 handicap because this person has a reasonably sound golf game but may lack something such as the 130 mph swing speed and 300+ yard drives the pros have. My short coming just so happens to be distance and more work on putting.
  6. Lou G

    I might add that I am not a 24 handicap, either. I don't have the distance I did 25 years ago (when I could hit a 3 wood 260 yards+ or a 7 iron 165) but I do have a much better short game, which I have to rely on for the 400+ yard par 4s. I would say, considering I hit "average" distance, playing to a 10 handicap could hardly be classified as a "bad" golf game. I also foresee my score continuing to drop now that I have a properly fit putter and found a niche on my middle clubs.
  7. Jason L

    hey thanks everyone for the advise. Its a lot to take in but I am surely going to try and see which one works best for me. thanks, jason

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