Flying with clubs

Club Glove is definitely the way to go - super durable.  Don't think the Last Bag is necessary unless you have a staff bag.  For everything else, the Burst Proof II is awesome. 

  The SKB (smaller version) has been with me all over the world for 25 years.  Great case and the ultimate in protection.  I pack what I need in a sunday bag (usually only take 9 clubs to save weight) and it still has plenty of room for shoes and extra clothing.  The drawback is that it makes it difficult to get into some of the smaller rental cars that are available in most overseas locations.

On the other hand, I borrowed the Burst Proof II for a recent trip.  Great bag.  Same capacity as the SKB but with the advantage of being able to remove/fold the bag when it comes time to rent a car.  I can see one of these becoming my primary travel bag.  It's that good.  But with cost of clubs being what they are, I still like the added protection of the hard case.  (If you have ever seen how these bags are handled by the airlines you would know why.)


The CG stiff arm is money! When I travel, I always remove the heads of my driver, 3 wood, and hybrid. I then put the heads in the headcover and put tip protectors on the tips of the shaft.

That is an awesome idea. Would you then insert the shafts grip side up?

I don't but that's a good idea as well. I have the tip protectors that Titleist gives you when you order shafts through them so I put those on along with iron covers and a wrapped towel. I'm pretty anal when it comes to traveling with my clubs.