Wolf Creek GC in Mesquite.....this is a MUST play if you are in the area.

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Cameron D

Went to Las Vegas with a friend and heard a lot about this course in Mesquite, NV.  A friend and I decided to make the 1:15 drive east to play this course.  Aside from it being 105-110* out, this was one of the best courses I've ever played.  Extreme desert golf with a TON of elevation change.

Hole #1 par 5 

A friend of mine on the tee box of hole # 8 242 yard par 3....all down hill. 

Another drop off par 3.  Hole # 11 215 yards, again, all down hill.

A view from #14 looking back at #13 green.  Big dogleg right around that mountain side (on the left).

Cameron D


I can agree with you that some of those holes are a little over the top.  The one thing I will say, is that even if you take a cart, you still find yourself walking quite a bit to get to certain tee boxes. 




WC is a fun course and worth the trip while you're in Vegas.  I have been up there a couple of times and always enjoyed it.

Mesquite is a fun town as well.